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COLOVE ZGamerX 9 – ZGameEditor Visualizer



Greetings to all music creators and fans of COLOVE Products Soft! We are thrilled to announce our latest and most innovative package to date, ZGamerX 9! This package is specifically designed to help you create breathtaking music videos and FL Studio visual projects with ease. With ZGamerX 9, you’ll have access to an impressive collection of audio visualization templates – 76 unique designs for ZGameEditor Visualizer, along with 2 TikTok MasterClass projects tailored for FL Studio version 20.8 by Image-Line Software. We provide step-by-step instructions and use only SVG vector graphics, making it effortless for you to create high-quality video content for social media and video marketing. Our package perfectly complements our previous release, ZGamerX 8, which includes exclusive support for TikTok video hosting and aspect ratio support for this social network. However, ZGamerX 9 takes things to the next level, offering high-quality effects and fresh ideas for visualizations based on progressive post-effects from the ZGE plugin developer, Image-Line Software. Despite its stunning visuals, the package size remains compact at just 3MB. All logos and images are in vector SVG format, and our templates do not use video inserts.

With ZGamerX 9, music bloggers, producers, and sound designers can create professional-quality visualizations and music videos for their projects. Thanks to FL Studio and ZGameEditor, ZGamerX 9 allows you to create videos with resolutions up to 8K and higher, speeds up to 60FPS, and export high-quality videos such as UltraHD. You can freely experiment with various effects, create unique visualizations, and impress your audience. If you’re looking to add impressive visual effects to your audio creations, then ZGamerX 9 is the perfect choice for you. Our templates are designed to simplify and streamline the video creation process for social media platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and more. Each template enables you to create videos with stunning visual effects, animations, and impressive quality, ultimately helping attract more viewers and increase views. ZGX templates will help you create music releases that are reminiscent of popular YouTube music blogs like TrapNation, Magic Music, TrapMusicHDTV, and more. Experiment and create your own fantastic show releases, music videos, and presentations on various video platforms with ZGamerX 9. Additionally, you will get 100% revenue from views and any other activity related to your video material without violating copyright.

Whether you’re creating a video for personal use or working professionally with video content, ZGamerX 9 and ZGameEditor Visualizer will help you quickly create videos for your new track, podcast, music mix, and more. Upgrade your music production game today with COLOVE ZGamerX 9 and experience the power of stunning visuals paired with your music.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

The COLOVE Products team.





• 76 ZGameEditor Visualizer templates
• 2 TikTok MasterClass projects for FL Studio
• Easy Fade In/Out control with last layer (Alpha parameter)
• ZGamerX tips added to the 9th release
• Full support for 8K resolution and more
• Full support for TikTok resolution and aspect ratio (requires ZGamerX 8)
• High-quality effects and innovative visualization ideas
• Ability to edit everything
• Customizable logos and text
• Does not use video inserts
• Exclusive vector content


ZGamerX 9 system requirements:
Windows – FL Studio (Minimum)
macOS – FL Studio (Minimum)

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