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COLOVE Producer

COLOVE Recordings - a place where professional sounds and loops are born for musicians around the world. Here you can find sample libraries, plugin presets, ZGamerX that have a 100% Royalty Free license. This means that you can use COLOVE Products in your creative projects without having to compensate COLOVE Recordings for any percentage of sales or rotations. As a result, all income you receive from using our products in your music belongs only to you. Join COLOVE Recordings and make your music better!
More about COLOVE Production

COLOVE Production

COLOVE Products - a division of COLOVE Recordings that specializes in developing and selling sound products for musicians and producers. We offer a wide range of products, such as presets for synthesizers, sound packs that include loops and samples, and various ready-made music templates for DAWs like FL Studio, Ableton, and many others. Our products will help you create the best music, cool sounds, and amazing videos for your music with our top product ZGamerX, which we have been creating for years in the form of various templates for the ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin from Image-Line Software in FL Studio. This is a great product to create videos for your music or mixes that do not violate copyright on YouTube, TikTok, and other music blogs such as TrapNation, TrapBass, and EDMTune. We are the pioneers in developing the functionality of ZGameEditor Visualizer practically from the first days of its creation by developer Ville Krumlinde.