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COLOVE Producer

COLOVE Recordings is the ultimate source for professional sounds and loops, offering royalty-free sample libraries, plugin presets, and ZGamerX products designed for musicians worldwide. Our 100% Royalty-Free license ensures you can use COLOVE Products in your projects without paying any royalties—every cent of your earnings stays with you. COLOVE Products are crafted by a dedicated creative team to provide exceptional sound quality and innovative design solutions for your studio. Connect with us on social media for the latest updates and join COLOVE Recordings to elevate your music effortlessly!
More about COLOVE Production

COLOVE Production

COLOVE Products is a division of COLOVE Recordings specializing in creating and offering premium sound products for musicians and producers. Our extensive range includes synthesizer presets, sound packs featuring loops and samples, and various ready-made music templates compatible with DAWs like FL Studio, Ableton, and more. Among our top offerings is ZGamerX, a flagship product developed over the years as a series of templates for the ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin by Image-Line Software in FL Studio. ZGamerX is perfect for crafting visually stunning music videos or mixes that comply with copyright regulations on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and music blogs such as TrapNation, TrapBass, and EDMTune. As pioneers in enhancing the ZGameEditor Visualizer's functionality, our expertise dates back to its early days, thanks to developer Ville Krumlinde. At COLOVE Recordings, we are committed to providing professional sounds and loops designed for musicians worldwide. Our diverse selection of sample libraries, plugin presets, and ZGamerX products all come with a 100% Royalty-Free license. This means you can freely use COLOVE products in your creative projects without any royalty payments or compensations to us. All profits from your music, enhanced by our products, are entirely yours to keep. COLOVE Products is a key player in our creative team, dedicated to delivering exceptional soundscapes and innovative solutions for your studio needs. Stay tuned for our latest updates by following us on social media. Join COLOVE Recordings and take your music to new heights!