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COLOVE ZGamerX 7 – ZGameEditor Visualizer



Introducing ZGamerX 7 package, designed specifically for Trap music enthusiasts, providing an all-in-one solution to create stunning videos with their favorite tracks, podcasts, and other audio sources. Using the ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin in FL Studio 20, developed by Image-Line Software, this package contains 28 templates with beautiful and 28 FL Projects with Tips, vibrant visualizations. Our product offers a variety of cutting-edge templates for the ZGE plugin, which is a free add-on in FL Studio v20.5, with new and improved effect functions. We are proud to present the massive 7th release for ZGameEditor Visualizer, which will be an indispensable addition to your studio. The ultra-high visualizations have a small package size of up to 6MB, making them accessible to all musicians, producers, and sound engineers. At COLOVE Products, we use vector graphics to create visualizations in order to optimize your SSD memory usage. To create this 7th package, we used the latest technologies from Image-Line Software to offer you the best ZGE experience in FL20 on powerful PCs. The COLOVE Recordings team and the COLOVE Products subdivision are dedicated to creating high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers, and ZGX7 is no exception. This release has been improved by adding new effect functions to the templates that will help you create captivating visualizations for your future videos. Try it today and see for yourself!

With the ZGamerX 7 package from COLOVE Products, music bloggers, producers, and sound designers can create professional visualizations and music videos for their projects. Thanks to FL Studio and ZGameEditor, ZGamerX 7 allows you to create videos with resolutions up to 4K and higher, with speeds up to 60FPS and exporting high-quality videos such as UltraHD. You can experiment freely with effects, create unique visualizations, and impress your audience. If you want to add impressive visual effects to your audio creations, then ZGamerX 7 is the perfect choice for you. Any Trap music fan will be pleasantly surprised by the capabilities this package provides. So don’t waste any time and buy ZGamerX 7 right now to create exciting visualizations for your music!

The main goal of our templates is to make video creation for social media platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and others simpler and more secure. Each template allows you to create videos with impressive visual effects, incredible quality, and animations that help attract more viewers and increase views. ZGX templates will help you create music releases that resemble popular music blogs like TrapNation, Magic Music, TrapMusicHDTV, and more. Experiment and create your own cool show releases, music videos, and presentations on various video platforms with ZGamerX 7. Get 100% revenue from views and any other activity related to your video material, without violating copyright.

Whether you are creating a video for personal use or professionally working with video content, ZGamerX 7 and ZGameEditor Visualizer will help you quickly create videos for your new track, podcast, music mix, and more. Upgrade your music production game today with COLOVE ZGamerX 7, and experience the power of stunning visuals paired with your music.

VIDEO REVIEW (1080p Capture)


• 28 templates for ZGameEditor Visualizer
• 28 FL projects with ZGameEditor Visualizer MasterClass
• Easy Fade In/Out control with last layer (Alpha parameter)
• ZGamerX tips added to the 7th release
• Full support for 4K resolution and more
• Ability to edit everything
• High-quality effects and new ideas for visuals
• Does not use video inserts
• Exclusive vector content

ZGamerX 7 system requirements:
Windows – FL Studio (Minimum)
macOS – FL Studio (Minimum)

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