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COLOVE Store Update 5.5 is out
COLOVE Store Update 5.5 is out
by on 19.05.2024

Hello! We recently introduced version 5.3 of our platform, but we’re already preparing two new releases for you: 5.4 and 5.5. Each of them brings a plethora of exciting changes and improvements. In version 5.4, you’ll find enhancements that will take your internet journey to the next level. We’ve fixed issues to make navigation smoother and more functional. But that’s not all! Version 5.5 has brought global optimizations that will enhance the performance of our platform on any device.


Version 5.5:


  • We’re excited to announce a major overhaul of our store’s structure aimed at enhancing global optimization. This update includes significant improvements to various visual elements that previously didn’t meet the site’s responsiveness standards, resulting in a much-improved user experience across all devices. TestU


  • We’ve revamped several visual elements to ensure they seamlessly adapt to various screen sizes, providing a visually appealing experience regardless of the device used.


  • Slider and Functionality Fixes! We’ve addressed issues that intermittently caused features such as sliders and the preloader to malfunction, especially on mobile devices. These fixes ensure smoother navigation and functionality across all platforms.

Version 5.4:


  • Enhanced mini-cart and its visual appearance, making it even more appealing and functional.
  • Enhanced mobile responsiveness, optimized design, and made the left sidebar menu hidden, accessible via clicking on COLOVE Touch, enhancing page navigation on mobile devices.
  • Enhanced music player loading in the footer, with added error indications and content loading indicators to provide better feedback and reduce waiting time.


  • Fixed preloader, now appearing and loading faster without freezing, minimizing its impact and only appearing during deep page reloads.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the main cart icon with a counter didn’t reveal the hidden block but directly navigated to the cart page, causing script malfunction for bonus products.
  • Fixed soft scrolling errors to the top of the page when switching or changing pages, added a handler to stop automatic scrolling if any mouse action or touch screen click is detected.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the quantity of items in the cart didn’t reflect changes in the Mini Cart; now all data updates accordingly upon addition, removal, or modification of items.
  • Fixed indication display for the “REMOVE” label when removing items from the cart or mini-cart, ensuring its visibility and correct display.
  • Fixed mobile device scaling, ensuring correct viewport functionality on iOS Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, and other browsers.

Stay tuned for updates, as we’ve already shared all the details of these exciting upgrades!