Who We Are?

COLOVE ENTELECHY - Sound company powered by COLOVE Products (CLE7), a live audio production company in LA and Ukraine, ENTELECHY takes the worry out of sound production. In that everlasting moment before the audience is instantaneously wowed — or worse, irritated that they can’t hear clearly — that’s the moment that our clients feel confidence in our audio production.They’ve hired COLOVE ENTELECHY, one of the best companies in LA. COLOVE ENTELECHY do best and clear sound production in the EDM or POP/Hip-Hop genres.

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Never Stop Exploring Sound

COLOVE Products - we sell ready-made private DAW projects (FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, Logic Pro, etc.,) will help you to develop your audio creation skills and push the boundaries of the field, by utilising cutting-edge technology and various sound production techniques to create music and sound in a range of contexts. You can a now purchased ready music-beats / Instrumentals in Hip-Hop / Trap / Rap or EDM powered by COLOVE ENTELECHY. Contact today with us! Drop the best sounds / music by us a now to your own Album!

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We will keep your privacy, anonymity and make sure that your rights are preserved! Be careful, be happy, stay tune! Enjoy!

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Our Services

Making music for an artists

COLOVE ENTELECHY! Sound production company is ready for you and your track’s. We do best sound for labels, Artists and etc., We work with the best music producers in the world. Sound quality at the hight level, we combine our own ideas and modern / hybrid sound. Orchestra, powerful beats and transitions in instruments from us are ready for you. We will make music for you in a very high quality!

Music creation and release on our labels

We create music and promote you as an artist on our labels. We do promos for your music, mailings, social promotion... You only pay for the music (Sound production), we will do the rest ourselves. Yeah! 80-90% Royalty from releases back to you!

Consultation and processing of your music

We will analyze your music and give advice. How to promote or where better to send your tracks. What to change? How to change? What's missing in your own music? We will help you with it! Contact us a now! Hours the our work is paid.

Sale of finished beats and instrumentals

We have many ready-made private tracks (beats, instrumentals) for you. Contact us and we will send you sampler. Sampler Ready and price up $500 to above. PS.Our works will sound very cool with your vocals!.

Mastering Service

here are a number of audio mastering tips that will help you prepare your mixes before working with a cd mastering studio. It's important to know how to prepare and submit you mixes' so you can get the best sound for your songs. The mastering engineer wants to start with a clean slate, primarily on the master bus and will need to have the proper file type and format to get the most from your music.

Photo processing

Photo nature processing, restoration and cleaning, we will breathe more life into your photos by «COLOVE Nature».

Promotion via COLOVE Nature

We will process your photos for free and add your works to our nature project. Promotion via «COLOVE Nature» in COLOVE Recordings Website, Facebook, Instagram is paid..

Promotion via COLOVE Say Hi!

We will process your photos for free and add your works to our beauty project (Only Beauty Girls). Promotion via «COLOVE Say Hi!» COLOVE Recordings Website, Tumblr is free...

Write us an email and we will review your photos. More about the project?

COLOVE Products

Buy ready-made music solutions available to everyone. Sounds, samples, projects for DAW... and visual effects «ZGamerX» for your music powered by ZGameEditor Visualizer - FL Studio.

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