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We are currently working on preparing content for COLOVE Recordings.
We kindly request that you wait for all operations to be finished.

We have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to protect and respect your privacy and personal data and help you understand the information we collect, how we use it and the choices you have. For those users within the European Economic Area (EEA) we also note your rights under the Data Protection laws that came into force on 25th May 2018. While in its very nature some of this information may be of a technical nature we have attempted to present this it as clearly and simply possible.

As laws change or are updated or clarified we will always endeavour to do what is necessary to comply with those laws and so, this policy is subject to change at any time. You are advised to check back on a regular basis for any further updates and alterations.

For simplicity we will refer to the website, any mobile versions, APIs or services we provide as “the platform” and coloverecordings.com and its owners or operators as “us”, “our” or “we”

By using the platform whether that be as a registered user or simply browsing, you are consenting to the use of your information as laid out in this privacy policy. Our use of cookies or similar technologies is set out in a separate cookies policy. The cookies policy however forms a part of our privacy policy and should be taken as one in the same.

We ask that you read our privacy policy, including everything set out in the cookies policy and ensure that you are happy with our use and sharing of your information.

If you are unhappy with or do not agree to any part of the privacy policy you should not use the platform.Should you already have an account you must request that your account is terminated. You can do this by contacting support.

Our privacy policy only applies to the platform. When using the platform you may find links to other sites, apps or services etc. We are not responsible for those services, their practices or their policies and we encourage you to review them accordingly.

How do we collect personal information

Information may be collected in a number of ways. We can split this into ..

Information supplied / volunteered;

To simply browse the platform you don’t need to supply any information but if you wish to do anything more you’ll need to create an account. In order to create and maintain your account you need to provide certain information. Some of this is mandatory and some of this is voluntary.

  • Mandatory profile information : To create an account you must provide a valid email address and a user name (does not have to be your real name)
  • Profile information : At any time, via your account settings page you may enhance your profile by providing extra publicly available information such as the country and the city where you live, your date of birth, a profile avatar / image (does not have to be an image of you), information about you, links to profiles on other sites, the software / hardware you use / your musical likes / pastimes etc
  • Information volunteered by posting : If you choose to upload files, post comments, replies, take part in groups or discussions, contact other users, favourite, play, download or report files, posts, users you may provide personal data.
  • Information volunteered by correspondence : You may provide personal information should you contact us via email or any other service, either online or offline or use any of the web forms on the platform.
  • Information from third parties : You may provide personal information in the event that we allow users to link accounts from third party services such as facebook or twitter. This information would be based on their privacy policies and your settings with those services so be sure to check what those are too.

Information automatically logged;

As with all web sites and services when using the platform some information is created and logged automatically. The includes but is not limited to..

  • the ip address (Internet protocol) of the device you are using to access the platform
  • your browser type, browser version and operating system (user agent)
  • the type of device that you are using to access the platform (mac / pc / mobile etc)
  • the date and time you accessed the platform or made updates or edits
  • the search terms of any searches you may have done
  • interactions you have performed whilst using the platform. For example, uploading, downloading, deleting, editing or playing files, viewing, posting, editing or replying to posts or discussions, searching for content, updating your profile or preferences
  • the page that you visited and or refereed you to the platform prior to your visit and searches you may have performed to find the platform<
  • information collected by the use of cookies. Details of our use of cookies can be found in our cookies policy

Sharing information

The information we collect is used in the following ways and is done so based on us having a legitimate interest in doing so in order to provide, maintain and secure the platform.

your interaction with and use of the platform

  • to provide you with products and services
  • to enable us to develop and improve the platform
  • to help us manage requests and support you when you contact us
  • to notify you about any changes if necessary
  • to send notifications of interactions on your files or responses to conversations within forums etc
  • to provide stats and reports to you and other users
  • to send notifications or messages from other users
  • to send notifications to enable you to administer your accounts
  • to enable age restriction
  • to identify you and the content and contributions you submit to the platform
  • to provide you with content relevant to your searches or preferences

Maintaining, optimising, securing the platform

  • to help us to identify you and the accounts you have
  • to better understand, manage and optimise the platform in order to improve and customise it to your needs
  • to detect, prevent or take action on fraud, spam or activities that are or could be in breach of our terms and conditions or guidelines
  • to discover and fix any issues or problems

Targeted content, advertising

  • to tailor content to your needs or requests
  • to provide content relevant to your preferences or actions
  • to show you ads on behalf of any sponsors or advertisers in the case of in house ads

We also use third party services to provide advertising

Who has access to your information

In some cases we may need to share information collected. For example;

  • Other users / visitors : As this is a community driven platform and content posted is in the public realm any images, audio files, videos, comments, forum posts and any other content you provide or post is done so voluntarily in the knowledge that it will be available publicly to both registered and none registered users. Posting of content and information is your own responsibility and is done so at your own risk. We simply process this data on your behalf as per our terms and conditions.We do not disclose your email address or ip address to other users and advise that you do not post personal information publicly. We can not however prevent you from doing this and so, you do so, against our wishes and at your own risk.Other users may also see information regarding your interaction with theirs or other users content such as downloads, plays, favourites or comments along with your online status and last seen times.
  • Service providers : We may need to pass your your personal data to certain reputable third parties in order to provide services on our behalf such as processing payments or hosting. These service providers may be located and operate outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). Where possible these service providers should have put in place measures to ensure the security of your data. For example by showing participation in the Privacy Shield Framework (https://www.privacyshield.gov).
  • With consent : We may share your information with your consent.
  • For legal reasons / to protect ours or others interests : We may pass your personal data where we are under obligation to do so for legal reasons or to protect the safety, security or rights of ourselves or that of others.
  • Acquisition / business transfer : We may share information in the event that we are acquired by a third party. In this instance your data will be deemed an asset of the business. If such a process were to happen and being bound by confidentiality agreements we may make data available to any prospective buyer.
  • Aggregated data : We may aggregate data in order to create statistical reports and information. This information would not include any information that could be used to identity an individual and may be shared with third parties or publicly. For example to show visitor numbers or trends.

Advertisers or sponsors may use techniques to track the effectiveness of ads or campaigns and to ensure that ads are delivered effectively. See our cookie policy.

Retention Periods

Your personal data is retained for the duration or your account. In some cases we may keep information longer and in these cases it may be in an anonymised form or in a way that no longer links it to an individual.

Your rights, choices and control of your information

Dependant on your location you have certain rights regards your personal information and can choose how we collect and use it.

Information supplied / volunteered

Should you choose to create an account you can manage the information you provide in a number of ways

via your account settings page you can ..

  • manage your email address, user name, location and date of birth
  • manage your avatar
  • manage your profile description, items where you give information about the hardware / software you use, your musical tastes etc and any outbound links
  • manage your preferences for being contacted by other users
  • manage your preferences for being notified of comments or replies to your uploads, forum posts etc
  • request your account be terminated

via the admin / delete pages for your uploads you can upload, edit or delete loops, tracks or acapellas and associated information

Information automatically logged

Details on how you can disable or block either first party cookies (ours) or third party cookies (those of the services we use such as analytics or advertisers) can be found in our cookies policy.

It should be noted that blocking cookies may severely impact our ability to provide the platform to you.

Terminating your account

You may request your account be terminated at any time either via your account settings page or by contacting support. To prove your ownership of an account you would need to log in and contact us directly. Should you no longer have access to your account you may contact us by other methods and we will endeavour to resolve the situation.

Should you request that your account is terminated your data will be deleted and may never be recoverable. You should remember to backup any information you prefer to keep. Account deletion may not be instant but will be done within a reasonable time frame. We may need to retain some data either for legal reasons or where we have a legitimate reason for doing so.

Even in the case that your account is terminated there is every chance that your information will still appear on search engines and external sites. This is out of our control. We will however show relevant 404 notices in place of your pages that should, in time help notify search engines that the information is no longer available. Your account information may still be kept in the form or backups or server logs until such a time that those backups or server logs become obsolete or replaced.

Dependant on your location you may contact us in order to ..

  • ask to have your information updated or corrected if for some reason you are unable to do it yourself via your account settings page
  • request that we provide your information in a commonly used electronic format
  • request that we erase or restrict our use of your information
  • object to our use of your information in certain circumstances

NOte : some choices or changes you make could prevent us from providing the platform to you.

Transferring your information internationally

The platform is hosted outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and so personal data is transferred internationally. While we do our best to keep any information you disclose to us secure we can’t guarantee its security and so you do so at your own risk. By using the platform you accept the risks of providing information online and wont hold us responsible in the event of any breach of security.

As some of our third party service providers are located outside of the EEA and in locations that may not have such strict standards we have tried to ensured that those organisations have sufficient methods in place such as being participants in the Privacy Shield Framework.

More information on Privacy Shield Framework can be found at https://www.privacyshield.gov

External Links

Our site contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites.

Age Restrictions / Children

Unfortunately for legal reasons anyone below the age of 13 is not allowed to use the platform and we kindly ask that anyone below that age refrains from attempting to create an account or passing any personal information to us. We don’t knowingly process any personal information of anyone bellow the age of 13 and should it be bought to our attention that this is or has been done we will remove or anonymise this information as swiftly as possible.


We have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from users of the platform.

Data breaches

Should there be an instance where data security is breached we will, where necessary, take steps to inform users in a timely fashion.

Your right to file a complaint

You have the right to make a complaint about how we process your personal data to the Information Commissioner: