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COLOVE Store Update 5.2 is out
COLOVE Store Update 5.2 is out
by on 22.03.2024

These updates represent our unwavering commitment to providing you with the best possible shopping experience. As we continue to evolve and innovate, we’re excited to embark on this journey with you, our valued customers and community members.

Thank you for choosing COLOVE Store as your preferred shopping destination. Your trust and support inspire us to push the boundaries of excellence every day.

✍️ WHAT’S NEW IN V5.2?

– This update is aimed at enhancing and optimizing the website. We have accelerated its performance and added numerous new features and enhancements.

– New security, analytics, and data protection system. Now you can choose the types of cookies you leave on the site. Additionally, upon your preference, we can completely block any cookies to ensure your browsing experience on our site remains entirely anonymous.

– New site search system with enhanced capabilities and style.

– New receipt generation system, allowing you to print or download your receipt in PDF format with just a few clicks. We have improved the visual elements and the template generated by the system to match your data and selected payment method for the order.

– New bonus acquisition system eliminates the need to email us to claim your bonus gift. Simply make a purchase of the corresponding amount and choose your bonus product from the options provided, free of charge.

– Improved navigation elements now include specialized links to direct you to specific areas of the site, even if they are just plain text.

– Enhanced system notifications in the cart and order checkout process, categorized into three types: Red for errors, Yellow for attention required, Green for successful completion. Critical notifications disappear automatically after a period.

– Improved information display for when product categories are empty or no results are found. The site now provides informative prompts while navigating categories.

– Enhancements to promotional newsletter subscriptions reduce message size and optimize code, adapting our promotional emails to your email client’s style preferences, whether light or dark mode.

– Improved customer/user notification of critical server errors. If an issue arises, you can now send a bug report to the site administrator in two clicks.

– Enhanced album section with a more attractive layout featuring a large album banner in the center and a “MORE ALBUMS” button.

– Improved display of tables on the “My Account” page, including various visual refinements and style adjustments to blocks.

– Improved visual elements of buttons, especially the currency switcher, which is now clearer.

– Improved page loading through static block generation methods for unchanging data or sizes, resulting in faster page loading and reduced traffic consumption.

– Fixed coupon block display in the main cart, ensuring correct positioning within the payment calculation table.

– Fixed product label display on product pages featuring product blocks, preventing text overflow.

– Fixed positioning of PLAY/PAUSE and ADD TO CART buttons on mini blocks of RELATED PRODUCTS, ensuring proper scaling.

– Fixed background positioning of the product block on the product’s main page, ensuring uniformity.

– Fixed overlay shadow issue blocking checkout blocks and interfering with elements during payment or cart changes.

– Fixed display and scaling of recommended product blocks, ensuring proper grouping based on your screen width.

– Fixed a bug where the “RELATED SONGS” block persisted when leaving the music category page.

– Fixed visual calculations on the artist page, where some text did not fit into the block and “MORE ABOUT” arrows were not centered within their container. Also improved the main banner’s centering and tiling within the window. NOTE: A SECTION DIVIDER WAS INSERTED BEFORE THE SENTENCE FOR TEXT FILE INSERTION.

If you come across any issues or have ideas, feel free to reach out to us through the feedback form. Happy shopping!