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Introducing Motion: Dimension by Excite Audio
Introducing Motion: Dimension by Excite Audio
by on 07.06.2024

Our colleagues at Excite Audio have developed an incredibly cool and innovative plugin, Motion: Dimension, which can transform any dull signal into an intriguing piece of sound production art. With just a single turn of the ‘WET’ knob, you get a truly powerful sound. This plugin inspired us to create a small promo, which took us only 10 minutes, and it far exceeded our expectations, showcasing the plugin at its best!

✨ Key Benefits:

Ease of Use: Even beginners can quickly master it.

Convenience: Its algorithm and functionality make it a multi-effect plugin, seamlessly combining reverb and delay. Whether you need one or both options, this plugin has you covered.

Visual Effects and Control: The X + Y modulation offers unparalleled manipulation of settings, allowing you to dynamically adjust your sound with just a mouse, transforming the input audio signal beyond recognition.

Motion: Dimension unveils a new realm of sonic exploration, focusing on an intricate blend of dual delays and adaptable reverbs to immerse you in a dynamic and responsive sound design journey.

Motion: Dimension delivers the kind of sound saturation we’ve long been waiting for, making it an indispensable effect in our collection, suitable for virtually any project we undertake. The design team at Excite Audio has done a stellar job, providing thousands of studios with a high-quality product that elevates dance floors, arenas, and ensures music resonates everywhere.

Introducing the game-changing plugin Motion: Dimension! Let’s delve into its myriad of strengths. First and foremost, Motion: Dimension boasts unparalleled user-friendliness, making it accessible even to novices. Its intuitive algorithms and multifunctionality elevate it beyond a mere plugin, seamlessly integrating reverberation and delay effects. Whether you need one or both, it’s all at your fingertips.

👍 Why You Should Try It:

Test this amazing plugin from top developers, dive into creativity, and turn your audio signals into fantastic final sounds for future tracks.

Space & Time Modulation

Reverb and Delay combine with an interactive sound-shaping experience
designed to add movement to your audio.

What can Motion: Dimension Do?

• Craft intricate rhythmic patterns with dual delays.
• Blend smoothly between plate and hall reverbs for evolving spaces.
• Reverse delays for mind-bending sound design.
• Enhance atmospheres with mesmerising textures.
• Give mono sounds creative spatial complexity.
• Experiment with series and parallel effects routing.
• Visualise your sound with a 3D reactive object.

The Hexagon: Reactive Animation

Improving upon the concept of the traditional XY pad, the hexagon provides new automation possibilities, allowing six macro sliders to be pushed and pulled together by a magnetic field surrounding your mouse cursor.

Cursor movements can be played live, recorded or pre-programmed; and then controlled with extensive timing and playback options.

Perform Your Effects

Customise your cursor’s magnetic field controlling how you interact with the sliders. Design intricate paths around the Hexagon by plotting points or recording your mouse movements freely.

Take control of your modulation with detailed timing and trimming adjustments to generate endless sonic landscapes. Whether adding subtle echoes to a guitar, designing atmospheric pads, or creating rhythmic complexity in electronic music, Dimension’s timeline is your gateway to dynamic auditory realms.

Dynamic Dual Delays

Each delay in Dimension offers comprehensive control over your sound:

  • L+R Delay Time & Feedback: Independent timing for intricate stereo effects.
  • Ping-Pong & Reverse Delay: Toggle for rhythmic variety and reverse effects for textural intrigue.
  • Repitch, Mod Depth & Rate: Pitch adjustments that react to your delay time changes, perfect for creative effects.
  • Tone, Duck, and Filtering: Fine-tune the echo’s character and frequencies.

Reverb That Breathes

Dimension’s reverb capabilities allow for a seamless blend between plate and hall characteristics:

  • Character: Smoothly navigate between reverb types, from tight, reflective plates to vast, open halls.
  • Length, Size and Distance: Control the scale of your space and the balance between early and late reflections for precise spatial imaging.
  • Advanced Tone Shaping: Includes Shelf Frequency, Shelf Gain, and Hi-/Lo-Cut filters to perfectly integrate the reverb into your tracks.

Routing Redefined

Dimension’s new routing options allow any combination of series and parallel processing between the two delays and the reverb unit, offering unprecedented flexibility in building your sound, and allowing for complex, layered effects configurations.

💫 Features

  • FX Page
    • 3 effect sections: Delay 1, Delay 2, Reverb
    • Routing section to re-route the plugin’s signal chain
  • Cursor, Path and Timeline Page
  • Reactive 3D Visualiser
  • 6 Macro Sliders
    • Per Slider Parameter Mapping
    • Per Slider Parameter Min/Max Values
    • Audio Reactive Envelope
  • Magnetic Cursor control
  • Input/Output Gain controls
  • Global Dry/Wet mix control
  • Safety Limiter toggle
  • Input Thru toggle
  • Global Bypass
  • 250 Presets
    • 127 Dual Presets
    • 99 FX & Mapping Presets
    • 24 Path & Cursor Presets

➡️ Delay 1 & 2

  • Four delay modes
    • Reverse mode
    • Ping-Pong mode
    • Normal mode
    • Re-Pitch mode
  • Delay Time, Feedback, Pan, Tone & Duck controls
  • Sync to DAW toggle
  • Delay Modulation Depth & Rate controls
  • Hi-Lo Frequency Range slider
  • Linkable Dry & Wet level controls  
  • Visual graph displaying the Time, Feedback & volume of both delays

➡️ Reverb

  • Two reverb types
    • Plate
    • Hall
  • Length, Character, Pre-Delay, Size & Distance controls
  • Stereo width and Duck controls
  • Shelf Gain / Frequency and Tone controls
  • Hi-Lo Frequency Range slider
  • Linkable Dry & Wet level controls  
  • Visual graph displaying the reverb length, size, pre-delay, shelf & tone

➡️ Routing Section

  • Four different routing options
    • All in Series
    • Series into Parallel
    • Parallel into Series
    • All in Parallel
  • Rearrangeable effect slots

➡️ Cursor & Hexagon

  • Attract & Repel modes
  • Magnet Range & Strength controls
  • Magnet On/Off Mouse settings
  • Slider Hold & Release controls

➡️ Paths

  • Record Cursor Mode
  • Line & Circle Draw modes
  • Path Drawing Tools:
    • Select Point/Curve Line
    • Add Point
    • Remove Point
    • Scale/Move Path

➡️ Timeline

  • Forward, Reverse, Pendulum Playback Direction
  • Loop Path toggle
  • Timeline Speed graph
  • Fixed/Free Timeline Duration
  • Timeline/Recorded Cursor Speed
  • On, Off, Sync Retrigger modes
  • DAW Sync or Free Timeline Duration
  • Time, Multiplier and Offset controls

⚙️ System Requirements

🐧 macOS

  • macOS 10.15 or higher (Intel / Native Apple Silicon supported)
  • Plugin Formats: VST, VST3, AU, AAX, Standalone
  • DAW’s Supported: Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason + more.
  • Compatibility: 64-bit compatible only.

🖥️ Windows

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Plugin formats: VST, VST3, AAX, Standalone
  • DAWs supported: Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason + more.
  • Compatibility: 64-bit compatible only.

🫶 Motion: Dimension – User Manual

📩 Contact

⦿ For any support enquiries, please contact support@pluginboutique.com
⦿ For any press & partnership enquiries, please contact hello@excite-audio.com

⦿ Instagram: @exciteaudio
⦿ Facebook: www.facebook.com/exciteaudio