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COLOVE Recordings is a media company founded on January 1, 2015. Our team consists of creative and skilled professionals who work on various projects to develop and promote the music industry. We collaborate with leading manufacturers of music equipment and software, such as Image-Line, LennarDigital, and Reveal Sound, to provide our clients with only the best solutions. THE COMPANY'S PROJECTS INCLUDE • COLOVE Products - a division of COLOVE Recordings that specializes in developing and selling sound products for musicians and producers. We offer a wide range of products, such as presets for synthesizers, sound packs that include loops and samples, and various ready-made music templates for DAWs like FL Studio, Ableton, and many others. Our products will help you create the best music, cool sounds, and amazing videos for your music with our top product ZGamerX, which we have been creating for years in the form of various templates for the ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin from Image-Line Software in FL Studio. This is a great product to create videos for your music or mixes that do not violate copyright on YouTube, TikTok, and other music blogs such as TrapNation, TrapBass, and EDMTune. We are the pioneers in developing the functionality of ZGameEditor Visualizer practically from the first days of its creation by developer Ville Krumlinde. • COLOVE Sunrise is a music label that supports various genres, namely Trance, House, Dubstep, and Hardstyle. Our goal is to offer interesting, rich, and exciting musical releases that will blow the roof off for our listeners. • COLOVE BLACKCAT is a music label that supports only the Trap genre. Our goal is to offer only high-quality, energetic, and pumping Trap sound. • COLOVE ENTELECHY - GHost Production specializes in creating custom music, as well as selling beats both privately and retail. • COLOVE Nature is an Instagram project about nature that showcases the best nature photographs from the world's best photographers. • COLOVE Say Hi is a photo blog on Tumblr featuring the best girls. Unique content with the best profiles and girls' photos. • COLOVE Succor is a project that helps sick children in their treatment! Don't be indifferent! Your attention and donations are crucial! • Sound Of Freedom is a music label that specializes in Pop, RnB, Downtempo, and Chillout genres. • ATHENA Podcast is a music show that works in the genres of hardstyle, dubstep, trance, and house on the MixCloud platform. We take pride in our mission to support musicians and sound producers from all over the world, providing high-quality products and opportunities for them to develop their creative potential. We understand that our success depends on customer satisfaction, so we are committed to providing quality service and products that meet their needs. Our team is very grateful for your support, and we promise to continue doing everything possible to deserve your trust and support.
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