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1. How to buy goods in your store?

– For purchase, use icons with the appearance of a package or basket. After fill in your details and choose a payment method. Our server does not store your accounts or bank information. All information is processed by our services (Banks) of the PayPal type on them side. After a successful payment, you will receive an invoice about that and a download link to your email.


2. Am I afraid for my data and bank bills?

– Do not be afraid, all information is encrypted. We do not receive information about your credit and debit cards. Your payment process passes on the side of a secure bank. That secure merchant service how: PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fondy and importantly, cryptocurrency reception is available!

3. I did not like the product that I bought! I want a refund!

– We do not refund for a digital product. This is an intellectual product that is not refundable. Read the offer agreement. We good the products review, preview and description in great detail and deeply and make great video reviews of the products. Before buying a product, read the reviews.

4. I bought the product but that ZIP file, what that?

– This is a standard type of distribution of electronic goods, this type of file is an ZIP archive and please, unpack him with another archivers or standard means of the operating system.

5. I bought a project but don’t know how to use it?

– Before buying, make sure that your program is really compatible with this type of project. Example: FL Studio (DAW type projects is .FLP), Ableton Live (DAW type projects is .ALS), etc. That important to understand that we do not add VST-plugins to products packs and before buying you must know what, specified in the product description matches your VST-plugins.

6. I can’t use the discount coupon.

– If you enter the promo code and nothing happens, just refresh page “F5” and code be accepted! PS. You must know what: per code have a lifetime.. Check it..

7. I paid for the product but the download link did not appear.

– After a successful payment, on email address that you indicated earlier, you should receive a receipt for payment and download link. If you not received the download link, please, and this is important! Check the spam folder in your email inbox. There is a known problem with dedicated / private mail servers. Maybe, you may never receive download links and receipt bills to these email addresses. Solution: use GMAIL, YANDEX, etc public email servers. If you have not received a download links before 2 hours, write to this email address: colovemanager@gmail.com (TOPIC: I CAN’T DOWNLOAD).