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Vital Audio – VITAL v1.0 Skins by COLOVE Products
Vital Audio – VITAL v1.0 Skins by COLOVE Products
by on 17.02.2024

We hope you haven’t had your fill yet with the KICK 2 skin by COLOVE Products from our line of modifications (RAZOR in modern skins – styles). We are thrilled to present to you an astonishing bundle of cool themes (skins) for the VITAL plugin, which is free and released by Vital Audio, a company led by the incredibly talented developer Matt Tytel from Oakland, CA. This truly remarkable virtual synthesizer has deeply inspired us — more than mere inspiration, it has captivated our hearts. Our design team has dedicated extensive time and effort to thoroughly explore this digital free tool, aiming to provide you with something genuinely intriguing and essential for your studio setup. This allows you to stand out from other sound/music producers with custom designs and enjoy the workflow while pleasing your eyes. We’ve maximized the potential of this plugin to offer you a set of 4 impressive themes (skins) distinguished by captivating color palettes in dark or light shades, enhancing the unique look of VITAL. We’ve embodied these themes while adhering to our own stylistic taste, which reflects our progressive, sleek, and refined approach, characteristic of the RAZOR 3 style. This has created an even more attractive and captivating appearance.

Our flagship theme of this release, COLOVE Evo 001 – Theme Neon, showcases elements of vibrant neon shades in total darkness, adding a touch of modernity and style! We’ve spared no effort to ensure that this theme bundle will be compelling and attractive on all levels. Additionally, there are 3 other skins available: COLOVE Evo 004 – Theme Midnight, COLOVE Evo 003 – Theme Day, and COLOVE Evo 002 – Theme One, providing a diverse selection for those who prefer very dark, medium, and light tones in their themes (skins) when selecting the design for their studio.

Theme customization is facilitated through the internal parameter editing application within the VITAL plugin GUI. Specifically, aside from adjusting handle sizes or colors (palettes), there is nothing else available. The entire plugin interface is built solely on parameters that define all the key aspects of the main Sandbox UI. This significantly facilitates design editing, but it doesn’t allow for specific changes like textures or knob designs since the absence of such elements doesn’t permit a drastic alteration of appearance, as can be done, for example, with plugins like Spire or KICK 2, for VITAL that is only XML parameters. This type of interface customization is more reminiscent of NEXUS or VANGUARD’s visual configuration using XML. However, in VITAL, developer Matt took care of this by adding a theme editor, although it’s not particularly user-friendly. Nonetheless, controlling this editor posed no difficulties for us, and it was straightforward, especially after the redesign of Massive 1 or Sylenth1; using this editor was effortless! Well, take a look at the result of our work and transform your music studio into one that truly stands out from the thousands of others.

Upgrade your music studio today with the new skins pack using Razor 3 UI style by COLOVE Products for VITAL!

Vital Audio - LOGO


Vital Audio – VITAL (EVO Theme Neon)

Vital Audio – VITAL (EVO Theme One)

Vital Audio – VITAL (EVO Theme Day)

Vital Audio – VITAL (EVO Theme Mid Night)

✍️ WHAT’S NEW IN V1.0?
👾 HQ design Razor 3 for VITAL version 1.5.5 (WIN/MAC/LINUX)
👾 Init Skins Pack version 1.0 contain:
• EVO Theme Neon (Colored)
• EVO Theme One (Mid Light)
• EVO Theme Day (Light)
• EVO Theme Mid Night (Dark + Light)

Vital is a spectral warping wavetable synthesizer. Discover how warping the harmonic makeup of a wavetable can completely create a new set of sounds. Stretch, shift, smear and skew harmonics up, down and around the spectrum to explore new timbres and create sounds you didn’t think possible with wavetables. See how everything works while you play in this visual synth. Vital has animated graphical displays when you need them. Everything moves in real-time so you can see what’s going on behind the scenes. Quickly design sounds with an optimized drag-and-drop modulation workflow. The modulation preview gives you an idea of what things will sound like before you drop the connection. With this, you can try modulating different destinations by dragging around the screen.

Discover new design techniques using Vital’s unique features like stereo-modulation. Stereo split an LFO to have the left channel’s modulation delayed from the right or give slight stereo time differences to an envelope to create wider stereo effects.

• High quality wavetable oscillators with frequency warping and wave warping
• Efficient unison
• Two routable voice filters with several analog and digital models, each with multiple continuous blending modes
• Audio-rate modulation so you can create clean drum transients and frequency modulate filter cutoff
• Stereo-splitable LFOs with custom and editable shapes
• Keytracked LFO settings
• Modulatable envelopes with custom curves
• Modulation remapping so you can customize the shape of every modulation
• Custom sample source
• Random modulation sources like Perlin, Lorenz Attractor, S&H and Sine Interplation, each with stereo options
• Eight routable effects including a multiband compressor, multi-mode phaser and 16 voice chorus
• MPE support
• Microtonal file support
• Oscilloscope and spectrum viewer
• Preset browser with sort, search, tag and folder organization

Attention! We do not offer for sale any products that are not our official developments. All bonuses (modifications and designs) are provided as “NFR” (Not for Resale). You cannot purchase this plugin, as it is not a plugin, but rather a design modification created as a special bonus for our customers. Please note that you need to be our customer and purchase only those products that have been 100% created by us. The amount indicated for unlocking the download serves as confirmation that you are our customer and have purchased our loops, samples, presets, templates, and other products that we have created 100%.

1. Purchase of $40 USD or more in the COLOVE Store, select a bonus available for that amount in your cart.
2. Upon purchase completion, your chosen bonus (gift) will be automatically sent to the email provided during checkout, alongside your purchased items.

Your contribution not only helps you unlock the download, but also helps us create more updates and designs for popular plugins in our Razor style. If you don’t see notifications in the cart, please refresh the page. You can select only one bonus product per purchase. Thank you for your support and creative success!

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