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Reveal Sound – Spire HQ v2.1 Skins by COLOVE Products

Greetings! We are excited to share with you our latest SPIRE HQ skins update, version 2.1, featuring the brand new Modern Grey Skin with the sleek UI style of Razor 3 by COLOVE Products, specially designed for the popular SPIRE plugin by Reveal Sound. Our latest update brings a fresh new look to your plugin […]

Date Added: 04.01.2023

Reveal Sound – Spire HQ v2.0 Skin by COLOVE Products

Hello there! We’re excited to introduce our debut release of the aggressive HQ skin and dark Razor 3 UI style for the popular SPIRE plugin by Reveal Sound. Our team at COLOVE Products has worked hard to rework and improve the UI Razor 2 from version 1.9.1 to version 2.0 (Razor 3). The aggressive dark […]

Date Added: 27.12.2022

reFX Vanguard 2 – Themes v3.1 by COLOVE Products

Welcome! We’re excited to present you with our latest offering: the Razor 3 skins pack for Vanguard 2 by reFX Audio Software. Our team has completely reworked the skins from the previous version and made numerous improvements, resulting in 10 modern, beautiful skins in different tones (dark or light) that will diversify your plugin and […]

Date Added: 17.12.2022

reFX Nexus 4 – Themes v1.1 by COLOVE Products

Hey there! We are excited to introduce the brand new Razor 3 skins pack by COLOVE Products, now with an update to v1.1 for the Nexus 4 plugin by reFX Audio Software. With our latest release, we’ve added some cool new designs, improved previous ones, and fixed any issues to give you the ultimate music […]

Date Added: 16.12.2022

reFX Nexus 4 – Themes v1.0 by COLOVE Products

Hi there! Discover the ultimate Razor 3 skins pack version 1.0 for the Nexus 4 plugin by reFX Audio Software! If you’re looking for a modern, sleek design to give your music studio a fresh new look, you won’t want to miss out on our COLOVE Team skins. With multiple tones to choose from – […]

Date Added: 09.12.2022

reFX Vanguard 2 – Themes v3.0 by COLOVE Products

Are you ready to take your music production to the next level? Introducing the brand new release from COLOVE Products – the Razor 3 skins pack version 3.0 for the updated Vanguard 2 plugin by reFX Audio Software. We’re excited to announce that we’ve created four new skins that give a fresh, modern look to […]

Date Added:

COLOVE Themes X for FL Studio 21 (RC3) is outnow!

Sounds good! We are excited to offer our customers 5 unique COLOVE HQ Themes “SpaceGrey” and “X” by COLOVE Products for FL Studio 21 (RC3). We always strive to provide our current and future customers with the best styles and designs. To maintain exclusivity, we do not openly distribute these themes. Perhaps they will appear […]

Date Added: 04.12.2022

Tek’it Audio Winkl Mod v1.0 by COLOVE Products

Hello there! We are excited to introduce our latest modification for the Winkl plugin by Tek’it Audio. Our team has given the original GUI a complete makeover and added a fresh new design. The style Razor 3 by COLOVE Products Soft is based on the official Winkl v1.3.0 plugin (last updated in November 2020), with […]

Date Added: 17.11.2022

Native Instruments FM8 Mod v1.0 by COLOVE Products (WINDOWS)

We’re thrilled to unveil our fresh design modification for the world-renowned synth plugin, FM8 by Native Instruments. Our team has poured countless hours into completely revamping the original light interface with our brand new sleek Razor 3 dark mode design. We’ve added a variety of new buttons, fonts, displays, and controls for presets and spectral […]

Date Added: 17.09.2022