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Native Instruments FM8 Mod v1.3 by COLOVE Products (WINDOWS)
Native Instruments FM8 Mod v1.3 by COLOVE Products (WINDOWS)
by on 17.04.2023

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest design update to v1.3 for the world-renowned synth plugin, FM8 by Native Instruments. This update brings not only visual improvements, but also important fixes and support for the VST3 version of this amazing tool. Get ready to experience a new level of creativity and inspiration with the refreshed style of Razor 3. Our team has poured countless hours into completely revamping the original light interface with our brand new sleek Razor 3 dark mode design. We’ve added a variety of new buttons, fonts, displays, and controls for presets and spectral settings, taking your music production to the next level. Here at COLOVE Products Soft, we strive for perfection, and our dedicated team has taken extra care in updating, redesigning, and restyling everything possible in this update. We’d like to note that we’ve identified a few minor issues, which we have listed for your convenience.

We want to assure you that we’ve made absolutely no changes to the original code, build, or licensing protection. Our aim is to provide amateur design updates to our fellow Native Instruments fans who are passionate about this plugin. Therefore, we’re offering this modification to our loyal customers who have purchased $30 or more worth of our audio products. Please note that we don’t distribute, sell, or resell this plugin, and you must have an official Native Instruments license (or purchase the plugin from the NI Store) to use it.

We’re confident that you’ll love this new and improved version of FM8, and we can’t wait to hear the incredible music you’ll create with it. Thank you for your continued support and trust in our products. Happy producing!

Native Instruments FM8 Mod v1.2

Design in darker colors and new knobs, faders

✍️ WHAT’S NEW IN V1.3?
• Added support for VST3 version of FM8 v1.4.6
• Fixed font display on buttons in the Activation Screen
• Made fixes and minor design improvements

✍️ WHAT’S NEW IN V1.2?
• Visual Improvements for Piano bottom block Razor
• Visual Improvements for lamp indicator in effects
• Visual Improvements for knobs and faders (You can choose style from two options)
• Various changes, design fixes and improvements

✍️ WHAT’S NEW IN V1.0?
Completely fresh design Razor
• Balanced dark mode
• Based on FM8 Version 1.4.4 by NI
• Only for Windows (AAX / VST / STANDALONE)

• PLUGIN MENU > Options (Displayed on a light background with a mixed dark color scheme, which we cannot fix due to permission limitations in the code. We require assistance from NI to address this issue.)
• PLUGIN CONTROL > Effects (The effect selection menu remains on a light background due to its built-in code and function within FM8. We require assistance from NI to address this issue.)
• Not compatible with macOS (We require assistance from NI to address this issue.)


Attention! We do not offer for sale any products that are not our official developments. All bonuses (modifications and designs) are provided as “NFR” (Not for Resale). You cannot purchase this plugin, as it is not a plugin, but rather a design modification created as a special bonus for our customers. Please note that you need to be our customer and purchase only those products that have been 100% created by us. The amount indicated for unlocking the download serves as confirmation that you are our customer and have purchased our loops, samples, presets, templates, and other products that we have created 100%.

1. Purchase of $30 USD or more in the COLOVE Store, select a bonus available for that amount in your cart.
2. Upon purchase completion, your chosen bonus (gift) will be automatically sent to the email provided during checkout, alongside your purchased items.

Your contribution not only helps you unlock the download, but also helps us create more updates and designs for popular plugins in our Razor style. If you don’t see notifications in the cart, please refresh the page. You can select only one bonus product per purchase. Thank you for your support and creative success!

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