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COLOVE Themes X for TBTECH Kirchhoff-EQ (Exclusive by COLOVE Products)
COLOVE Themes X for TBTECH Kirchhoff-EQ (Exclusive by COLOVE Products)
by on 09.03.2023

Hello, friends and COLOVE Recordings enthusiasts! Are you tired of the traditional and boring color palettes in your music production plugins? As always, we’ve improved this experience and expanded our line of styles and themes. Our team has crafted five unique and eye-catching color themes for the Kirchhoff-EQ plugin by TBTECH (Three-Body Technology). Our themes are designed to enhance the quality of your music production experience with their diverse shades and vibrant colors. Whether you prefer a subdued or bold look, we’ve balanced an exciting combination of colors and tones. Our team has meticulously crafted each theme to ensure that they are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, providing you with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create and edit your music or sounds. But that’s not all – with our newly improved user interface and perception, using our themes has never been easier or more attractive. Our team has worked hard to create an environment that is both visually stunning and intuitive so that you can focus on your creativity in sound processing.

We understand the importance of having tools that work for you, and that’s why we’ve made adding our color themes to your Kirchhoff-EQ plugin as easy as possible. With just a few clicks, you can transform the look and feel of your software, enhancing your workflow and inspiring your creativity. If you don’t already have this amazing, balanced, and cool plugin, we highly recommend that you purchase it right now on the official website or at Plugin Alliance store. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, this plugin is a game-changer for any user looking to enhance their experience and streamline their workflow. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your work to the next level with this powerful tool!

So why settle for a bland and uninspiring color scheme when you can elevate your music production with our vibrant and exciting themes? Give your music the visual boost it deserves and try Kirchhoff-EQ plugin with our Themes X today!


COLOVE Themes X for TBTECH Kirchhoff-EQ
COLOVE Themes X for TBTECH Kirchhoff-EQ
COLOVE Themes X for TBTECH Kirchhoff-EQ
COLOVE Themes X for TBTECH Kirchhoff-EQ
COLOVE Themes X for TBTECH Kirchhoff-EQ

✍️ WHAT’S NEW IN V1.0?
👾 5 THEMES X FOR TBTECH Kirchhoff-EQv1.6.2 and above
👾 Launch version. First release

⤵️ ABOUT Kirchhoff-EQ
Kirchhoff-EQ is the ultimate 32-band parametric EQ plugin, built for critical professional applications. It features refined sound quality, analog modeled curves, ultra-low distortion dynamics processing, 15 filter types (with continuously variable shape) and 32 vintage EQ types that emulate real-world devices.


↘️ The ultimate in sound quality
With its “Robust Nyquist-matched Transform”, Kirchhoff-EQ has made its digitally modeled frequency response more closely match its analogue counterparts, without the high frequency “cramping” found in regular IIR (infinite impulse response) equalizers.

↘️ High-precision processing
Sporting 64-bit operation by default, Kirchhoff-EQ uses a technique called “Double-Double” to make the precision of internal processing reach 117 bits! This is the first equalizer in the world to reach such precision. A technology called “Psychoacoustic Adaptive Filter Topologies” allows filter structures to intelligently change themselves to their “best fitting” state, resulting in optimized sound quality without tradeoffs in low or high frequencies.

↘️ A full palette of analog and digital filter types
Kirchhoff-EQ includes 15 unique filter types from conventional low pass, high pass, bell and shelving filters to more esoteric flat tilt, flat top and “sword” filters. Take advantage of 9 precisely matched vintage EQ models and fully variable EQ points not found in the analog domain.

↘️ Selectable phase modes
To meet all your phase relationship needs, the phase mode of Kirchhoff-EQ is switchable between zero-latency mode, analog mode, linear phase mode and an ingenious mixed phase mode that uses zero-latency when the band frequency point is low, and uses linear phase when it is high.

↘️ Deep and powerful dynamic EQ capabilities
Dynamics processing in the Kirchhoff-EQ are not just a bonus—they provide some of the richest dynamics features you have ever seen. With two-way thresholds, adjustable “onset” control and a relative detection option, you can do things other EQs simply can’t: Simultaneously compress and expand to help “stabilize” a given frequency. EQ transients separately from body. Or, effectively sidechain one frequency band to the dynamic activity in another. Even the vintage-modeled curves can be applied to the dynamics processing.

↘️ Endless features and intuitive operation
Kirchhoff-EQ has every feature you could imagine in an EQ including spectrum grab, oversampling, lookahead, mid-side processing and monitoring, stereo width, global EQ scaling and more, all optimized for ultra low CPU workload.


  • Exhaustively feature-rich EQ with 32 bands and 15 unique filter types
  • Precise models of 9 vintage hardware EQs
  • Robust dynamics processing with two-way thresholds, relative detection mode and onset adjustment
  • 5 selectable phase modes
  • Oversampling, lookahead, global gain scaling, mid-side processing, stereo width control, high bit precision, and more

Attention! We do not offer for sale any products that are not our official developments. All bonuses (modifications and designs) are provided as “NFR” (Not for Resale). You cannot purchase this plugin, as it is not a plugin, but rather a design modification created as a special bonus for our customers. Please note that you need to be our customer and purchase only those products that have been 100% created by us. The amount indicated for unlocking the download serves as confirmation that you are our customer and have purchased our loops, samples, presets, templates, and other products that we have created 100%.

1. Purchase of $10 USD or more in the COLOVE Store, select a bonus available for that amount in your cart.
2. Upon purchase completion, your chosen bonus (gift) will be automatically sent to the email provided during checkout, alongside your purchased items.

Your contribution not only helps you unlock the download, but also helps us create more updates and designs for popular plugins in our Razor style. If you don’t see notifications in the cart, please refresh the page. You can select only one bonus product per purchase. Thank you for your support and creative success!

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