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COLOVE Update v2.0 is ready (Out now)
COLOVE Update v2.0 is ready (Out now)
by on 10.08.2021

Hey-Hello! We make update for Store by COLOVE Recordings v2.0! Large Update based on new improvement’s for «COLOVE WALLET» and «My Account» it’s a very important update for Store that brings issues fixes and improvement to payment system! Are you ready? We have a ApplePay, GooglePay (Only for Safari / GoogleChrome and Bitcoin / Cash🤩.

[What’s new in v2.0?]
– Improvements for Customer Account for “All themes” (improved display of user-name, email address, your avatar and etc.)
– Improvements for our «COLOVE WALLET» (Allow transfers between wallets)
– Improvements for our «COLOVE WALLET» (Hey! Good news! If your wallet balance is low, you will receive a notice on EMAIL with: “Please recharge your wallet for continue using.” Enjoy!)
– Improvements for our «COLOVE WALLET» (Cashback to customers on your wallet if you will pay with Visa / MasterCard and etc.)
– Improvements for our «COLOVE WALLET» (Bonus 1$ for customers registration, you can purchase items via wallet)
– Improvements for our «COLOVE WALLET» (Rules for referrals: 1$ / visitor and 5$ / signups, minimum order amount 10$. Control of feature is added to your profile menu, there you can copy your referral URL)
– Improvements for JS (Stability)
– Improvements for Server (we optimized store and added super-caching to server for super-fast loading. Test a now)
– Improvements for BD (Stability and performance testing in new fast mode)
– Improvements for purchases Cryptocurrency (we have returned the ability to pay for goods with #Bitcoin and etc.)
– Improvements for purchases «Fondy» (Accepted payment via Apple Pay and Google Pay for Safari / Google Chrome)

– Fixed button + BUY NOW (adapted buy button on single product page, now they are displayed correctly)
– Fixed «Pre-Loader» (Fast Fast Fast and Fast. Enjoy!)
– Fixed «COLOVE Music» output products from Label’s by COLOVE Recordings

[What’s new in v1.9?]
– Added the new service for Sound Production «COLOVE ENTELECHY» come to website menu and tap that!
– Improvements for bills (PDF after purchase)
– Improvements for MySQL (Stability – now there will be no breaks with the “base” when placing an order)
– Improvements for PHP (More stability and processing speed)
– Improvements for JS (Stability)
– Improvements for purchases (now a button to buy goods is clearly added to each block “+ BUY NOW)

– Fixed news headline text (on mobile devices the text was deleted or hidden…)
– Fixed SOCIAL SHARING (The styling of the buttons is gone)
– Fixed site-style rules (site style switcher a now works fine)
– Fixed conflict with Play/Pause and Cart buttons (Full product page, now this work fine)
– Fixed «COLOVE Nature» output by Instagram API (We make your days a better, well a now it’s work fine and you can look on all post)

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