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We are currently working on preparing content for COLOVE Recordings.
We kindly request that you wait for all operations to be finished.
COLOVE Update v1.8 is ready (Out now)
COLOVE Update v1.8 is ready (Out now)
by on 31.05.2020

Hello! The new update for COLOVE Recordings v1.8 is now available for you. Additionally, we want to inform you that over the last 6 days, there were critical failures in COLOVE Store and COLOVE Web. However, our team has been working hard to implement new store options and features, ensuring quick and convenient purchases. We appreciate your continued support and thank you for spending time with us. Wishing you good health, safety, and happiness!

[What’s new in v1.8?]

  • We have made improvements to the Products Slider, resulting in increased performance and reduced CPU/GPU load.
  • We have improved our EMAIL notifications system, with a new hash server and the output of correct billing names.
  • We have made improvements to the Payment/Pay Page, with a simplified order form and registration process, making the purchasing process much faster. Additionally, we have reduced the requirements for basic information and now ask for only a minimum of EMAIL, NAME, and COUNTRY.
  • We have implemented security improvements for Downloads/Files, ensuring that our files are saved and protected for our users.
  • We have made improvements to the Products info, now displaying the format and size of the downloaded file in mini-products reviews and fully.
  • We have fixed the system’s notifications for the Login Page and Payment Page.
  • We have fixed multicurrency issues, resulting in correct recalculation and currency symbols.
  • We have fixed Themes issues, with correct styles re-updates and fixes for fields in Feedback forms.
  • We have fixed the Mastering Service, with Captcha now working and Upload Files fixed to work correctly with the drag-drop function. Come try our service and enhance your music!



[What’s new in v1.7?]

  • Added new Store v4.0! Speed is up! SQL works fine with no errors! Testing in progress!
  • Added a new option to product pages – “SOCIAL SHARING”. You can now share products on your social network.
  • Added a new page – “FAQ” – which contains a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers on a particular topic. This page will be updated as new questions are received.
  • Added a new solution to the “MY ACCOUNT” page – You can now register on our site/store without prior purchases, and also authorize via social networks (currently supporting Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google, and VK). Enjoy!
  • Added payment via personal “COLOVE WALLET”. Your COLOVE balance is credit that you can use to buy apps, music, and sound products. Get 2% cashback on your wallet if your cart is over $50. You can replenish your account, send money to friends, or relatives on their “COLOVE WALLET”.
  • Improvements made to “Customer Account” for all themes. New user view, better adaptation on mobile devices, and much more. We will be adding new features to your account page modularly in the future.
  • Improvements made to some content pages for all themes. We have visually improved some pages.
  • Fixed the issue of sending notifications to private email servers. Some private servers were not receiving messages, bills, or other information due to being blocked on your side. We have used a new server for sending notifications! Testing in progress.
  • Fixed the issue with the “Pre-Loader”. Some browsers were blocking the page loader, resulting in the site taking several minutes to load. Now everything should work faster. Testing in progress.
  • Fixed the issue with the “Player”. When selecting payment, the highlight frame was blocking the main bottom player!

[What’s new in v1.6?]

  • Added many more payment methods. Now you can pay with Cryptocurrency (BTC, BCH, LIT), Visa and MasterCard via FONDY, LiqPay, Privat24, INTERKASSA 2.0 (including a crazy list of payment methods, it’s a very powerful payment acceptance system). Feel good and comfortable with our store!
  • Added a new analytic system to better understand what you like and want, and to provide stable links that you visit frequently. The new code also improves page navigation/loading performance.
  • Highlighted the “Buy” button on the product page with a pink circle and package icon, so you can easily find and use it.
  • Fixed the “404 Page” error so you can now see the issues screen.
  • Fixed the “COLOVE Say Hi!” parser script, so it now has a limit on content by Tumblr API unload limit.
  • Fixed the “Payments Page” payment page and the choice of payment methods, added text styles to payment systems.
  • Fixed the issue where the site arbitrarily switched to non-secure old HTTP protocol, and now HTTPS works fine!

[What’s new in v1.5?]

  • Added a new update (Beta 3) for the “Light” style, featuring a light and dark mode switcher. Take control of your mood and choose the best style for the time of day. Enjoy!
  • Added iOS 13 functions to the website, including Full Dark Mode and speed optimization for quick launch of the site with less memory resources and internet traffic on mobile devices.
  • Added a “News Menu” for the main navigation bar, making it easy to choose news categories quickly and easily.
  • Fixed the “MY ACCOUNT” section so you can now download your ordered products normally in the DOWNLOAD section.
  • Fixed LiqPay so you no longer need to wait for confirmation after payment, and can immediately download your purchased product. You will also receive the PDF Bill instantly.
  • Improved the fonts and highlighted main areas of the “Page News” section.
  • Made improvements to the customer account for all themes.
  • Made improvements to PDF invoices for more details about orders.
  • Made improvements to downloads for already purchased products.

[What’s new in v1.4?]

  • Added a new update (Beta 2) for the “Light” theme, featuring Light ft. Dark mode switcher. Friends, choose the best style for the time of day and add more colors to your mood and life. Enjoy!
  • Added a “Colored” theme (Beta v2.0).
  • Added improvements for the Customer Account section, where you can see your purchase history, download products again, and view invoices.
  • Added a slider showcasing the best and promotional products available in COLOVE at discounted prices.
  • Added Euro/GBP currency options to provide even more benefits.
  • Fixed the Speed Cart – Shopping Mini Cart in the header, so that the system can now delete items when a customer tries to remove them (previously, the system couldn’t delete items if the user was not logged into COLOVE).
  • Fixed the output of info tables in the user account section.
  • Fixed the text output on mobile devices by disabling “justify” for phones.
  • Fixed the “We Accept Payments” block on mobiles iPhone XR/XS, ensuring correct adaptation.
  • Fixed the website pre-loader on all devices and added an easy version for mobiles.
  • Fixed minor visual issues and added various improvements for the “Light” theme.
  • Improved the Customer Account section for the “Light” theme.
  • Improved the Speed Cart – Shopping Mini Cart by adding the ability to scroll through quick products.
  • We have also tried optimizing our website for mobile devices to improve performance.

[What’s new in v1.3?]

  • Added a Terms page with the rules.
  • Added Facebook integration for all COLOVE products in the CLP Account. We are now ready for more integrations with other platforms and services for advertising, sales, and cooperation. The API will be released in the summer.
  • Added COLOVE’s Social Network. The test release is in st.Beta 0.1a.
  • Added a “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button to the Shopping Cart for immediate order placement.
  • Fixed product preview/music mini-block sizing issues on iPhone XS Max. (The blocks were randomly changing size when browsing the site.)
  • Fixed Speed Cart (Shopping Cart) in the header. Visibility is now good in the light theme and output projects by COLOVE (COLOVE Sunrise, COLOVE Products) and other labels.
  • Fixed cart input lines for 2 styles (Light and Dark) and adapted for buttons.
  • Fixed player button visibility on mobiles (iPhone XR/XS).
  • Fixed fonts in product previews/music mini-blocks on different mobile devices.
  • Fixed the position of buttons to switch between Dark or Light styles.
  • Fixed the JSON parser for music players from other servers (if not “COLOVE”).
  • Fixed the Language Output in the header.
  • Fixed CORD attentions.
  • Made improvements to Customer Account.
  • Made improvements to Website Notifications.
  • Made improvements to Order Complete/Light Theme only.

[What’s new in v1.2?]

  • Added a new style called “Light” (Beta 1), featuring a Dark mode switcher. Friends, now you can choose from even more colors to match your mood and your life. Choose the best style for the time of day and enjoy!
  • Fixed the PHP code for clearing output of “s” in the Single product.
  • Fixed font conflicts with icons and SVG classes.

[What’s new in v1.1?]

  • Added a new engine to handle site activity, resulting in faster loading times.
  • Added new feedback form code.
  • Added page preloading in the core using the .ect Function.
  • Added a new type of product presentation.
  • Added a new design v2.0 by COLOVE Soft Inc. (currently in beta 1 mode), featuring a new menu and news informer.
  • Adapted for most mobile devices, making it easier to navigate the site on mobile devices. Initially, the site was supposed to be turned off on phones with the message “Download the official application,” but the release of the application has been postponed.
  • Fixed the cart on mobile devices.
  • Fixed authorization (now works without having to enter Captcha).
  • Fixed the “Artists” block to work properly.
  • Fixed page pre-loader.
  • Fixed product categories.
  • Fixed player on mobile devices (ready for the large summer update).
  • Fixed product slider on the home page.
  • Updated Captcha to Google Captcha V3.0.
  • Fixed UAH/USD price configurator (Euro support added).
  • Fixed and optimized Ajax output.
  • Fixed generation of large (.em) fonts.
  • Fixed basket operation.
  • Fixed client card.
  • Fixed news rotator.
  • Fixed “Discover” mode.
  • Fixed display of categories on the product categories page.
  • Optimized resources for PHP7 class and debugged code for PHP 7.3.3.
  • Optimized for iPhone X/XS/XS Max.

See you! Send us your #Feedback. Help us make COLOVE Products the best! Do you have any ideas or would you like to offer your assistance or make investments? Do you have any other questions? Please use the feedback form located at the bottom of our website.