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Reveal Sound – Spire HQ v1.8 (Windows/Mac/4 Skins/2 Modifications)
Reveal Sound – Spire HQ v1.8 (Windows/Mac/4 Skins/2 Modifications)
by on 10.08.2021

COLOVE Products Soft pres. Reveal Sound Spire HQ limited Edition v1.8, exclusive! This is only skin’s in the file theme “spire.sthm” (Windows) and “Content Theme” (MAC OS) for new Spire v1.5.8. Available now only 100% GUI size. Incl. skin’s: Blue HQ Dark, Brizz, Orange, Red (A now 2 modifications in on pack, this is BRIGHT accent + DARK accent + 4 COLORS). Fresh, strict, sophisticated design for you from us! Friends, we have a retained ability to choose the early styles skins from v1.2, you can use both lighter styles and darker for blue and red knobs.. You must have that in your studio! We make your sound better with Razor Style by COLOVE Products Soft. What we be changed in previous versions Spire HQ v1.7.4? Please, upgrading your old Spire a now!

What’s new in Spire HQ v1.8?
* Added full support Spire v1.5.8 build 5170 (2021.04.03)
* Fixes for interface glitches in Big Sur
* Fixes for Arpeggiator
* GUI fixes
* Optimization for Apple Silicon M1
* Revert old Intel CPU support
* Minor improvements

1. Buy a products in COLOVE Store https://coloverecordings.com/products/ on Amount 40 USD.
2. Send to: colovemanager@gmail.com a screenshot of the purchase bill and we give you an exclusive design.
3. We will check and after send a download link.

Important, without 200% or 300% DPI scale.. Sorry, this is to future, but with a nice quality after zooming/re-size. Only for cool musical producers…

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