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reFX Nexus 4 – Themes v1.1 by COLOVE Products
reFX Nexus 4 – Themes v1.1 by COLOVE Products
by on 16.12.2022

Hey there! We are excited to introduce the brand new Razor 3 skins pack by COLOVE Products, now with an update to v1.1 for the Nexus 4 plugin by reFX Audio Software. With our latest release, we’ve added some cool new designs, improved previous ones, and fixed any issues to give you the ultimate music production experience. Our skins come in different tones (Dark, Light, or Flat), so you can choose the perfect one to add some flair to your Nexus 4 plugin.

As sound producers ourselves, we know how important it is to have a sleek and modern interface when working on music. That’s why we’ve designed these skins with you in mind, to help you create music in style! Our Razor Style 3 skins are easy to add to your Nexus 4 (VST2/VST3/AAX) and come with step-by-step instructions on how to install them. They are also supported on both MacOS and Windows, so no matter which system you use, you can enjoy our skins. Our skins are not only stylish, but they are also functional. We’ve ensured that they are user-friendly and won’t affect the performance of your Nexus 4 plugin. You can now focus on creating amazing music, while our skins take care of the visuals.

We take pride in the fact that we listen to our customers’ feedback and make changes accordingly. Our latest update is a testament to that, as we’ve incorporated all the feedback we received to make our skins even better. So, whether you’re a professional music producer or just starting, our Razor 3 skins pack is the perfect addition to your Nexus 4 plugin. Try them out today and experience music production in a whole new way!

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reFX Nexus 4 Skin – Mood (v1.1 by COLOVE Products)
reFX Nexus 4 Skin – Mood Dark (v1.1 by COLOVE Products)

reFX Nexus 4 Skin – Neon (v1.1 by COLOVE Products)
reFX Nexus 4 Skin – Neon Dark (v1.1 by COLOVE Products)

reFX Nexus 4 Skin – Flat Front (v1.1 by COLOVE Products)
reFX Nexus 4 Skin – Flat Back (v1.1 by COLOVE Products)

reFX Nexus 4 Skin – Modern Front (v1.1 by COLOVE Products)
reFX Nexus 4 Skin – Modern Back (v1.1 by COLOVE Products)

reFX Nexus 4 Skin – Light Front (v1.1 by COLOVE Products)
reFX Nexus 4 Skin – Light Back (v1.1 by COLOVE Products)

✍️ WHAT’S NEW IN V1.1?
👾 Added 4 new cool skins (Mood | Mood Dark | Neon | Neon Dark)
👾 Added «About Style» lines to *json (now you can seen all changes, date of creation with skin version etc.)
👾 Fixed “broken color codes” for some elements on main panel. We up skins version to v1.1
👾 Fixed some elements in “dark skins” were badly seen’s, now it’s changed for the better) Look good now!

✍️ WHAT’S NEW IN V1.0?
👾 Support reFX Nexus minimum from v4
👾 Support on all systems MacOS / Windows / x64 only
👾 Support hight screen resolutions (vector design)
👾 2 types of knobs
👾 Maximum similarity with our «Razor Style 3» for reFX Vanguard 2
👾 Maximum easy installing skins

Nexus is a next generation ROM synthesizer. Nexus delivers complex, ultra-fat, contemporary soundstorms. A powerful and flexible architecture is the foundation that supports the immediately useful and spontaneously engaging design of the instrument. Every aspect of Nexus was built to produce music of the highest quality, quickly, with the least amount of fuss.

Attention! We do not offer for sale any products that are not our official developments. All bonuses (modifications and designs) are provided as “NFR” (Not for Resale). You cannot purchase this plugin, as it is not a plugin, but rather a design modification created as a special bonus for our customers. Please note that you need to be our customer and purchase only those products that have been 100% created by us. The amount indicated for unlocking the download serves as confirmation that you are our customer and have purchased our loops, samples, presets, templates, and other products that we have created 100%.

1. Purchase of $40 USD or more in the COLOVE Store, select a bonus available for that amount in your cart.
2. Upon purchase completion, your chosen bonus (gift) will be automatically sent to the email provided during checkout, alongside your purchased items.

Your contribution not only helps you unlock the download, but also helps us create more updates and designs for popular plugins in our Razor style. If you don’t see notifications in the cart, please refresh the page. You can select only one bonus product per purchase. Thank you for your support and creative success!

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