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Reveal Sound – Spire HQ v2.5 Skins by COLOVE Products

Welcome! We always keep an eye on updates to the SPIRE plugin to ensure that our design modifications remain up-to-date. We listen to your most common feedback requests and work to fix and enhance our modifications accordingly. Today, we’re excited to introduce support for the latest SPIRE update, which includes VST3 compatibility (v1.5.16). So, if […]

COLOVE First Look on Motion:Harmonic by Excite Audio

Recently, an interesting distortion and automation plugin called Motion:Harmonic was created by Excite Audio, an innovative company in the field of sound and design. This modern, young company releases quite fascinating products, constantly evolving and expanding their range of offerings for musicians worldwide, providing them with exciting solutions for sound manipulation. We truly appreciate something […]

Sylenth1 Razor Bundle by COLOVE Products

Get ready to take your music production game to the next level with the Sylenth1 Razor Bundle, featuring the latest update for Razor 2 styles by COLOVE Products. This bundle includes dark, classical, and white pianos, all with our signature COLOVE Products skins. We are proud to announce that the bundle is fully compatible with […]

Reveal Sound – Spire HQ v2.2 Skins by COLOVE Products

Welcome! We are excited to present to you HQ skins the v2.2 update for the SPIRE plugin by Reveal Sound, featuring a new modern dark flat skin designed by COLOVE Products using the Razor 3 UI style. This update offers a fresh and attractive design with a beautiful modern dark/flat and gray skin in the […]

Reveal Sound – Spire HQ v2.1 Skins by COLOVE Products

Greetings! We are excited to share with you our latest SPIRE HQ skins update, version 2.1, featuring the brand new Modern Grey Skin with the sleek UI style of Razor 3 by COLOVE Products, specially designed for the popular SPIRE plugin by Reveal Sound. Our latest update brings a fresh new look to your plugin […]

Reveal Sound – Spire HQ v2.0 Skin by COLOVE Products

Hello there! We’re excited to introduce our debut release of the aggressive HQ skin and dark Razor 3 UI style for the popular SPIRE plugin by Reveal Sound. Our team at COLOVE Products has worked hard to rework and improve the UI Razor 2 from version 1.9.1 to version 2.0 (Razor 3). The aggressive dark […]

Tek’it Audio Winkl Mod v1.0 by COLOVE Products

Hello there! We are excited to introduce our latest modification for the Winkl plugin by Tek’it Audio. Our team has given the original GUI a complete makeover and added a fresh new design. The style Razor 3 by COLOVE Products Soft is based on the official Winkl v1.3.0 plugin (last updated in November 2020), with […]

COLOVE COLDFIRE Drop 2 – Welcome promo (Dist COLDFIRE by Arturia)

Hello, friends! Who is already using our preset pack COLDFIRE Drop 1 from COLOVE Products? We are currently working on the second release COLDFIRE Drop 2 preset bank for the Dist COLDFIRE plugin from Arturia, and it’s going to be even more amazing than the first one! In this pack, you will find even more […]