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COLOVE ZGamerX 11 – Tab is coming in release soon
COLOVE ZGamerX 11 – Tab is coming in release soon
by on 12.06.2023

It’s been a while since we shared any news about our product, ZGamerX 11, and we’re thrilled to come back to you with exciting updates. Our team has worked meticulously, addressing numerous visual issues in the final version of FL Studio 21 templates. We tackled these problems that arose due to the development being done on ZGE beta versions. Now, we’re delighted to present a small promotional preview of what we’ve accomplished for you.

Experience unparalleled control over all the key functions of the templates. No more need to go through FAQs or wait for new templates. With our COLOVE ZGamerX 11 PAD control panel, which is accessible for practically every ZGX11 template in the SURFACE section of the ZGE plugin, you can effortlessly generate everything you desire. Simply twist a few knobs swiftly and easily, and witness stunning visual effects that enhance the uniqueness of your template’s abstract style.

With our latest release, numbered 11, you’ll achieve an even more individualized experience. This will likely be our final release for ZGE in FL Studio, as ZGamerX will take its place on the studio shelf as a fantastic culmination of template series under this brand. We are immensely proud of the years we’ve invested in developing this product, and this 11th series serves as our final gesture of respect to our fans and this plugin.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of visualizations with ZGamerX 11?