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COLOVE Update v2.1 is ready (Out now)
COLOVE Update v2.1 is ready (Out now)
by on 02.04.2022

Hello! We have made an update to the COLOVE Recordings Store, version 2.1. This update includes significant improvements for our customers and the store’s core, making it a crucial update that addresses issues and enhances the payment system. Excitingly, we have now added Apple Pay, Google Pay (for Safari and Google Chrome), as well as Bitcoin and Cash 🤩 We also offer PayPal, with support for debit and credit cards.

[What’s new in v2.1?]
– Added «PayPal» as a payment method in #TestMode for customers (We have started testing payment with PayPal in test mode. You can buy like products using our internal payment processor for #PayPal)
– Added UA Web «Page Loader» to support Ukraine (We support Ukraine in the war. We hope that everything will be fine soon and the Ukrainian Army will win. Helpless and bewildered, we follow the news from Ukraine. We continue to pray for peace, for our sisters, brothers, and children in Ukraine and for all people there.

– Store FAQ and Customer Terms have been updated. Payments via LiqPay and Privat24 have been closed. Customers from Russia have been blocked! We do not sell products in Russia anymore, and all licenses for production, sound recording, etc., will be closed. ZGamerX is no longer available for Russian customers.

– Improvements for Customer Account for “All themes” (Updated Core)
– Improvements for our «COLOVE WALLET» (Updated Core)
– Improvements for «Payment Method» (A payment method is the way customers pay for a product or service. In-store, accepted payment methods include Fondy, Apple Pay / Google Pay, credit and debit cards, as well as mobile payments through Fondy. Enjoy your shopping!)

– Fixed Cart (You can buy like products without logging in to the store. We have updated the JS core for the Preview Player in Ajax)
– Fixed MixCloud Widget (A now work fine and new music in playlist).

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