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COLOVE Store Update 5.1 is out for all
COLOVE Store Update 5.1 is out for all

Hello friends! We recently announced an update to our store website, enhancing your browsing and shopping experience. The main improvements include a more intuitive navigation system, making it easier for you to explore and purchase any product. Additionally, access to news is now more organized and logical. Check out the details of this major 5.0 […]

COLOVE Web Update v2.2 (Fast Release)
COLOVE Web Update v2.2 (Fast Release)

Hello there! We are excited to announce a quick update to COLOVE Recordings Store to version 2.2 👌🏻 This update brings many new features and improvements to make your shopping experience even more convenient and enjoyable. We have added a new beta User Page and fixed the design for 3 themes. Additionally, the web store […]