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Dope EP

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Dope $0.99
Hypnotic Poison $0.99
Hypnotic Poison
Hypnotic Poison
As above so below $0.99
As above so below
As above so below
  • Released

    February 28th, 2017

  • Genres

  • Release Biography

    We present you debut EP album on COLOVE Sunrise from SLABO with title (DOPE). Three stunning work in deep house/electronic genres, very well crafted drums and baselines in both tracks, with metal synths and vocal pads! SLABO - showcasing his skill as a producer and that he is not afraid to push the musical boundaries! Overall a very nicely balanced EP release. Enjoy!

  • Tracklist

    01. SLABO - Dope (Original Mix) 02. SLABO - Hypnotic Poison (Original Mix) 03. SLABO - As above so below (Original Mix)