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The new COLOVE ENTELECHY come to you!
The new COLOVE ENTELECHY come to you!
by on 18.02.2020

Coming Soon! Coming Out! Coming the best! We gonna launch service «ENTELECHY» for COLOVE Recordings on website! Sound production, music supporting, we gonna made your day and night better! Today you can make good music to future releases with our sound producers! We work with the best companies, producers, designers and authors! Our company gonna make for you cool and melodic music, we have our own view on genres, we experiment with genres and make hybrid and interesting. What we do?

? What i’ll do for you?

• Beats (Commercial genres)
• Instrumentals (Arrangement, composing)
• Track/Dance Music (DAW Projects, save of all rights for you, EDM genres support)
• Label releases and Support (We make music, transfer rights on music to you, release on our labels, pay royalties from Sales/Rotation by Beatport, Apple Music, Spotify and ect – you, maybe can order music with DAW Projects for + 50% to pay)

Join to us! No needed wait when we do launch that on Website, use it already! Contact us at this email address manager2[at]coloverecordings.com

?? Order a now! We are your team!

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