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COLOVE Revolution 2 coming in autumn
COLOVE Revolution 2 coming in autumn
by on 14.08.2023

Exciting News, Friends! Seven years ago, we introduced the first “Revolution” preset bank for the Sylenth1 plugin, embarking on an exhilarating journey of crafting sounds for this widely popular tool. With much deliberation, our team debated whether a new “RevolutionVolume Two pack was necessary. Some argued that it wasn’t, given the abundance of other acclaimed sound design plugins. Others suggested that Sylenth1’s popularity was diminishing in comparison to newer alternatives on the market.

Alright, our team split into two camps: for and against. Eventually, the majority voted in favor of creating a second set (Revolution 2), and so it shall be! This will be an innovative collection featuring up to 128 cutting-edge sounds catering to various music styles, with a strong emphasis on EDM genres and Tech House / Tech Trance. Revolution 2 for Sylenth1 will stand as the ultimate arbitrator in our internal debate – should we continue to support Sylenth1, or should we lean towards contemporary sound plugins and craft stunning audio for them?

In the realm of Sylenth1, Revolution 2 will beautifully complement the original release from our team back in 2016. However, our curiosity has been piqued by the impressive plugin Vital, which is both innovative and free. For Vital, we’ll be designing a plethora of captivating sounds in the future, but that’s a different story altogether. Stay tuned for updates. We’re here and connected!