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reFX Vanguard 2 – The Dynamic v2.1.2
reFX Vanguard 2 – The Dynamic v2.1.2
by on 20.06.2020

Hi, guys! We do that! We back to COLOVE Products Soft with the new Vanguard Static, Xeon, Dynamic + 5 old skin’s from v1.0.0.. Dark! Flat! Stronger! Version is up to v2.1.2 for WIN x86 (Only) and based on Vanguard 1 by reFX (VST plug-in development and support officially closed by reFX). We really love this old plugin and make a new fresh-design for all who love it too 🙂 Stylish design add new colors to feels the sound and new ideas to better.

What’s New in v2.1.2?
• Added + 5 old skins from v1.0
• Added Intro FL Studio 20 Project
• Fixed some graphical issues
• Fixed Faders and Fonts

What’s New in v2.1.1?
• Main: Fixed font for LCD. Only for Xeon Style and Dynamic.

What’s New in v2.1.0?
• New design “Razor” by COLOVE Products Soft
• Three separate design: Static, Xeon, Dynamic.
• Elements controls are designed to be nice
• Fixed some graphical issues
• Fixed control+setup menu
• Awesome for eyes a nice interface.
• Added 69 Banks of sounds


  1. Buy a products in COLOVE Store https://coloverecordings.com/products/ on Amount 40 USD.
  2. Send to: colovemanager@gmail.com a screenshot of the purchase bill and we give you an exclusive design.
  3. We will check and after send a download link.

Important, we do that the only for Windows 7/8/10 (32 Bit & X86 but you can good use it in FL Studio). We do best only for cool sound producers…

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