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COLOVE Sunrise pres. Broken by VinS
COLOVE Sunrise pres. Broken by VinS
by on 12.05.2019

Fascinating, amazing, epic and emotional track from Sergey (VinS), a sound producer from Ukraine, is available for everyone only on our YouTube channel COLOVE Sunrise. Feel this amazing work with your soul, immerse yourself in its world, the world of emotions and feelings. This is the first work in 2019 that opens the gates to the future of the upcoming album from the author VinS, which will be released on our label COLOVE Sunrise.

TITLE: Broken
ARTISTS: @vins_music 
RELEASE DATE: 2019-05-09
GENRE: Cinematic Score / Trap

Ps. The video was created with the support of COLOVE ZGamerX by @colove_products for FL Studio DAW Software.

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Go to future with ‘COLOVE Sunrise’… Enjoy the powerful sounds of COLOVE!

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