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We are currently working on preparing content for COLOVE Recordings.
We kindly request that you wait for all operations to be finished.
A now we collect donation in crypto for team
A now we collect donation in crypto for team
by on 07.05.2023

Hello friends, these are challenging times for us all, and like many people, we are trying to support our friends and colleagues in Ukraine who have been creating cool products for you for years. We are ready to work with you, and we are excited to create interesting #modifications to popular sound plugins. Right now, we need to support our team in Ukraine, specifically the #designers who have been creating interesting redesigns of popular plugins like Massive, Spire, Sylenth1, FM8, FL Studio (Themes), Nexus and others in the RAZOR style for many years.

We have fully transitioned to cryptocurrency, and all our products are currently available for purchase using over ten different #cryptocurrencies. We have updated the #donation button on our website, and you can now donate any amount in cryptocurrency directly on our website. Visa / MasterCard #payments will be back at the end of this month or the next as we are improving our payment system to be more secure and flexible. PayPal is currently available only in private mode. Please use the feedback form in the footer of our website to access the donation button.

Your support for our team in #Ukraine, where #war crimes are being committed by russia terrorists are killing people (children’s), animals, every day, means a lot to us. We are doing our best to #support both people and our mod designers. If you are with us, any amount of cryptocurrency will be like a breath of fresh air to us. Thank you, friends, for those who stand with us and share our interests.


🪙 ETHEREUM: 0x9510005bf765531c54034467a8d18738255aa6F1

🪙 BTC: bc1qvlhsqhjuwtw7aq93g39p0tw47f5ln43hegqkl7

🪙 SOLANA: HD5esqFcy6Ffom2vn4nyw4jN12xUMWRqNSKfWfMdo1MT



Regards, Team COLOVE ♥️