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Reveal Sound – Spire HQ v1.0.20
Reveal Sound – Spire HQ v1.0.20
by on 29.04.2018
COLOVE Products Soft pres. Reveal Sound Spire HQ limited edition, exclusive! This is a light version special for FL Studio based on stable v1.0.20. Fresh, strict, sophisticated design for you from us! What’s new in Spire HQ v1.1? • Fixed minor issues Spire Synthesizer update to v1.0.20 (2015.03.02 16:15) • By default add extension when saving preset for all Win builds • Fix menu selected item issues on OSC and Matrix sections • Fix midi input for AAX (now sound until pressed Play button) • Fix installer’s window titles for Mac AU/VST

  1. Buy a products in COLOVE Store https://coloverecordings.com/products/ on Amount 40 USD.
  2. Send to: colovemanager@gmail.com a screenshot of the purchase bill, and we will give you an exclusive design.
  3. We will check and after will send a download link.
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