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reFX Vanguard Update to 2.1.3
reFX Vanguard Update to 2.1.3
by on 17.07.2022

Hi, guys! We do that! So friends, we are back with additional designs, we also added support for macOS but only x86 architecture. Flat! Stronger! Version is up to v2.1.3 for WIN and macOS x86 (Only) and based on Vanguard 1.8 by reFX (Project and dev the officially closed). We really love this old plugin and make a new fresh-design for all who love it too much:) Stylish design add new colors to feels the sound and new ideas to better. Release include 4 designs (Vanguard Static, Xeon, Dynamic and White) for Windows x86 and 2 designs (Xeon and Dynamic) for macOS x86. Enjoy!

What’s New in v2.1.3?
• Added design Xeon and Dynamic for MAC (macOS Catalina 10.15 or newer is not supported)
• Added white design Dynamic for WIN
• LCD Improvements for macOS version
• LCD Improvements for PC version

What’s New in v2.1.2?
• Added 5 old skins from v2.0
• Fixed some graphical issues
• Fixed Faders and Fonts

What’s New in v2.1.1?
• Main: Fixed font for LCD. Only for Xeon Style and Dynamic.

What’s New in v2.1.0?
• New design “Razor” by COLOVE Products Soft
• Three separate design: Static, Xeon, Dynamic.
• Elements controls are designed to be nice
• Fixed some graphical issues
• Fixed control+setup menu
• Awesome for eyes a nice interface.
• Added 69 Banks of sounds


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  3. We will check and after send a download link.

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PS. This is only modification for users who have old licensed reFX Vanguard 1.8.0 plugin and we not sale plugin and etc, we give bonus for buying our products ⚡️

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