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COLOVE Update v1.4 is ready (Out now)
COLOVE Update v1.4 is ready (Out now)
by on 01.06.2019

Hey there! We have made significant progress in the development of the COLOVE website! We are excited to introduce our three new styles: Dark, Light, and Colored (with both Day and Night modes). Our site now supports iPhone 5, XS, XS Max, Samsung S10, and many other devices, as well as numerous bug fixes and improvements. We have also prepared a major update, v2.0, for our COLOVE Creative, COLOVE ENTELECHY, COLOVE Succor, and ATHENA Podcast services, which will all be integrated into our website. This update will also include new apps for Windows 10/Mobile, Android, and iPhone. Are you ready? Please register on our site to stay up-to-date on all the latest news.

[What’s new in v1.4?]
– Added new update ( Beta 2 ) for the style “Light”, Light ft. Dark mode switcher ( Friends, take yourself the much more colors to your mood, your life. Choose the best style for the time of day ). Enjoy!
– Added “Colored” Theme (Beta v2.0)
– Added improvements for Customer Account ( see your purchase history, try to download them again and invoices to these products ).
– Added a slider of the best products or promotional products are available in COLOVE at discounted prices.
– Added Euro/GBP currency the get even more benefits.

– Fixed Speed Cart – Shopping Mini Cart in header a now works fine ( when customer a try to delete product item, system is could not delete item if user not logged on COLOVE ).
– Fixed output info tables in user account.
– Fixed text output on mobile devices, “justify” is disabled for Phones..
– Fixed “We Accept Payments” block on mobiles iPhone XR/XS ( adaptation is works correctly ).
– Fixed website pre-loader on all devices and added for mobiles the easy version.
– Fixed minor visual issues, various improvements added for the “light” theme.

– Improvements for Customer Account to the “light” theme.
– Improvements for Speed Cart – Shopping Mini Cart ( adding ability to scroll through quick product ).
– We try optimizing the our website for mobile and get better performance.

[What’s new in v1.3?]
– Added Terms page with the rules.
– Added integration of Facebook, all products by COLOVE a now on Facebook in CLP Account. We ready to the much mores integrations with the another’s platforms and services for Adverting, Sales, Cooperation. API is ready to release in the summer.
– Added Social Network by COLOVE. The test release in st.Beta 0.1a.
– Added button “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” to Shopping Cart. Move to the order immediately from the shopping cart.

– Fixed products preview / music mini block’s on iPhone XS Max ( When was surfing the site, the blocks arbitrarily changed their size ).
– Fixed Speed Cart – Shopping Cart in header. Visibility in light theme a now is good and output project by COLOVE ( COLOVE Sunrise, COLOVE Products ) others labels..
– Fixed cart inputs lines for 2 styles Light and Dark, adaptation for buttons.
– Fixed player button play visibility on mobiles iPhone XR/XS.
– Fixed the fonts in products preview / music mini block’s on the different mobile device.
– Fixed the position of the buttons to switch themes for Dark or Light styles.
– Fixed JSON parser from the another servers if not “COLOVE” for music player.
– Fixed the Language Output in header.
– Fixed CORD attentions.

– Improvements for Customer Account.
– Improvements for Website Notifications.
– Improvements for Order Complete / Light Theme only.

[What’s new in v1.2?]
– Added New style “Light” ( Beta 1 ), Light ft. Dark mode switcher ( Friends, take yourself the much more colors to your mood, your life. Choose the best style for the time of day ). Enjoy!
– Fixed the PHP code “Single product” output “s” cleared.
– Fixed the fonts conflicts ( Icon, SVG class ).

[What’s new in v1.1?]
– Added a new engine to handle the activity on the site (the site loads faster).
– Added new feedback form code.
– Added preloading on pages in core ( .ect Function ).
– Added new type of product presentation.
– Added new design v2.0 by COLOVE Soft inc. ( while in beta 1 mode ). New menu, new type of news informer.

– Adaptation for most mobile devices, now you can more stably surf the site. Initially, the phone did not have the possibility of normal navigation since the site was originally supposed to be turned off on the phones with the message: “Download the official application”, but until the release of the application is postponed.

– Fixed cart on mobile devices.
– Fixed authorization ( Now it works without having to enter Captcha ).
– Fixed block “Artists” a now works the fine.
– Fixed pre-loader of pages.
– Fixed category for the products out.
– Fixed player on mobile devices ( Is ready to the large summer update )..
– Fixed product slider “Home Page”.
– Fixed Captcha, updated to Google Captcha V3.0.
– Fixed price UAH/USD configurator ( Euro come.. ).
– Fixed and optimized Ajax output.
– Fixed generation of large ( .em ) fonts.
– Fixed basket operation.
– Fixed client card.
– Fixed the news rotator.
– Fixed “Discover” mode.
– Fixed display of categories on the product categories page.
– Resource optimization for PHP7 class, debugging code for PHP 7.3.3.
– Optimized for iPhone X / XS / XS Max.

See you! Send to us your #Feedback. Make a COLOVE Products the best! If you have any ideas? Do you offer your help? Investments? Any others questions? Use the feedback form at the bottom of the site.